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Feed back
Below are only some testimonials from the clients who traveled China with us. Want to share your feedback with others, please click here. Our customer team wishes that you have an excellent adventure, due to our professional and personalized services.

  Guest name: Anna and Alexander
  Nationality: Singapore
  Travel Date: Dec 28, 2008
  Tour Itinerary: 1-day hike: Jinshanling to Simatai
 Detailed comments

At 7:45am, Fong shifu, our driver picked me up from my hotel with his clean mini van even before the pre-arranged time. Soon, we met Mike (from USA), Alex (from Italy) and Connie Yu (our guide) and head for the Great wall without delay. It was a great experience with Great Wall Adventure Club as everything was pre-arranged & pre-purchased, no surprises on the need to pay for additional, and as promised, no shopping! It was a professional service right from start (prompt communication via email) to finish (safely back to hotel). As for the great wall hike, you have to be there to experience it ;-)
Thanks for the fantastic hike!
Anna, Singapore

  Guest name: Gisela Schelling
  Nationality: Germany
  Travel Date: Oct 17, 2008
  Tour Itinerary: Mt. Huangshan Tour (sightseeing or hiking)
 Detailed comments

Hi Mandy,
Everything fine, now close to going down again and meeting the driver, who did a good job so far.
Kind regards,

  Guest name: Crystal Noel Carter
  Nationality: United States
  Travel Date: Oct 14, 2008
  Tour Itinerary: 11-day tour to Datong,Pingyao,Xi'an,Chengdu,Jiuzhaigou
 Detailed comments
  Guest name: Gisela Schelling
  Nationality: Germany
  Travel Date: Sep 28, 2008
  Tour Itinerary: The Best of Silk Road
 Detailed comments

Dear Mandy
Here my feedback, overall the trip was really great, thanks so much for organizing it perfectly. I am aware that you paid special attention to our tour e.g. by ensuring all the guides were good and they truly were. This is much appreciated. Sep. 27-28th Excellent hotel,thank you very much for having a cake organized, it was a wonderful birthday. Museum in Lanzhou and Bingling Cave were very nice and Eagle organized an exciting jeep trip to the valley behind the cave to a little monastery where one of the monks then recited from the scriptures for us, that was super.

Lanzhou Legend Hotel
Sep. 29th Hotel okay, clean but nothing special. Tomb was interesting. Huachen International Hotel
Sep. 30th Nice hotel with excellent food, so had meals there twice. Huayuan Hotel
Oct. 1st Fantastic hotel with great view of the sand dunes and since it caters to foreigners also a very nice Western breakfast. Eagle organized a bottle of local wine which we drank on the dunes during sunset, which was a very nice idea. Had a nice meal at the hotel and then were allowed to watch the show there for free, but Eagle had warned us it was not good and it was not. The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel
Oct. 2nd Eagle bought us Hami Melons, but we followed your advice not to eat too many, even though they were delicious. We were of course a bit sad to leave Eagle, who had been such a wonderful guide.
It was good that we had four beds on the train because we did have quite a lot of luggage and we slept very well on the train which seems to run on a new track and was therefore very quiet. On the train
Oct. 3rd Hotel okay, unfortunately our rooms were not ready and even after breakfast it took a lot of convincing that they gave us a room so that we could at least have a shower before heading off again.
Although it was nice to see Jiaohe in the evening sun, we could maybe also have gone there first and then to the Flaming Mountains in the evening. Had lunch and dinner at the same restaurant opposite the hotel, which was a nice restaurant, but maybe there would have been another one.The show in the evening only lasted about 15 minutes, because the full show had taken place for a big group at 20.30 and when we arrived at the scheduled time at 21.30 they did put on another short show for us and a Japanese couple but only for 15 minutes, which was okay insofar as we had not been told that the show would be outside and it was quite chilly, since we had not brought warm clothes. Tuha Petroleum Hotel
Oct. 4-5th Heavenly Lake was beautiful, almost like Switzerland. Kashar fantastic, you felt like you had left China.
Not sure if Chini Bagh is still the best hotel in Kashgar, its best times are definitely over, but it was okay, breakfast was pretty simple.The attitude of the staff after the earthquake was, however, terrible, they just told everyone to go back to their rooms, no information, no alternative, nothing. Chini Bagh Hotel
Oct. 6th Fantastic hotel, new and very clean, we had not expected much up here and were very pleasantly surprised. It was great staying up here and being able to watch the Taschik community in this beautiful scenery. Tashkorgan Crown Inn
Oct. 7th Very good hotel and great breakfast room on the top floor. The museum in Urumqi was definitely worthwhile to go to. Hotel World Plaza

兰州/敦煌 Great guide, he has a very good attitude, made many extra efforts to make our trip special
Good driver, always felt safe, good service Eagle feng

吐鲁番/乌鲁木齐 Sophia is a nice guide but somewhat lacks that special service attitude guides require e.g. she never opened/closed the door of the car for us, something the other guides always did. But it was good to have an Uighur guide, who could explain the local culture to us.

Not particularly friendly, but okay driver Zulpiye

喀什/塔县/喀什 Mohamed was very nice and a really good guide. We were very pleased with him and his pleasant attitude.

Driver was okay, we felt he was, however going a bit too fast in the mountains and when we told him, he was offended and continued driver at 40 km/h. Rexat
Minor issues, we would still like to draw your attention to.

Food budget: More than once we were advised by a guide that a certain meal would not be within our budget. While we appreciate that there has to be a certain limit, there should be room for exceptions especially considering that this is an expensive trip. To realize that the budget per day per person for food is only around 10 Dollars is a bit disappointing. I am sure there were meals which were cheaper than the budget, which should then allow for maybe a more expensive meal on another occasion. Eagle understood this and Mohameed was also transparent in this respect, while in the case of Sophia we sometimes did not feel that we actually were using the budget.

Plane ticket reservation: Unfortunately we had some problems with the ticket reservation of Andrea. Her name is Andrea Elsbeth (first name) Busslinger Haeberli (last name) but the reservation was for Andrea EBHaeberli, which either they would not find at the check in or they made trouble at security. When I booked the trip to Lanzhou I was also advised by Ctrip that the name was too long, so I just shortened it to Andrea Busslinger and that posed no problems at check-in/security.

Apart from the two items above I have absolutely no complaints. I copy Patrick and Andrea in case they have anything to add or change.

Thank you again for organizing such a fantastic trip, we very much enjoyed it and had a wonderful time.

Kind regards,


  Guest name: Petri Kytopuu
  Nationality: Canada
  Travel Date: Sep 06, 2008
  Tour Itinerary: Leisure tour in Chengde (2 days)
 Detailed comments

Hi Lanny,
It was great trip. Especially the Guide, Tina, and the driver, Mr Dong, were good.
There were not too much to do neither too little to go through. Just right amount to do in Chengde in one weekend.
Thanks for organizing the trip,

  Guest name: Mitch Shapiro
  Nationality: Europe
  Travel Date: Aug 26, 2008
  Tour Itinerary: Six-day tour to Xi'an and Guilin
 Detailed comments

Hi Mandy,

The trip was great. I particularly liked Uncle Lee (guide in Xian) and Jean (guide in Guilin/Yangshuo. I had the best time in Guilin/Yangshuo as that is where I was able to be most active. If I had to do it again, I think I would have rather spent 1.5 days in Xi'an and 3.5 in Guilin/Yangshuo. 3 days is too much time in Xian for a young and active person. All hotel accomodations and breakfasts were more than adequate. Thanks again for all your hard work. I will refer others to you in the future.


  Guest name: Katy McGahhey
  Nationality: United Kingdom
  Travel Date: Jul 16, 2008
  Tour Itinerary: 2-day hike: Gubeikou - Jinshanling - Simatai
 Detailed comments

Hello! we are back in Japan~ it was a very quick trip for us mostly only to see the Great Wall. It was SPECTACULAR! We had a great experience hiking for 2 days and the wall was even more impressive than we had imagined. I know that a good tour company and guide can make all the difference and we are thrilled with how well this trip worked out. Cheney was a great guide- an asset to our trip. He was energetic, informative and interesting. And it seemed like he really enjoyed being on the wall too, and enjoyed the scenery and hiking. The driver was great too, he was trustworthy and safe, and the car was comfortable and clean. Working with you before the trip was a breeze, it was easy to contact you by email up until our departure and you always responded quickly. It was all fairly smooth, I would have packed slightly different and may have changed some food options, but those are minor details that I commented about in our comment sheet. Overall we are both very happy with CNadventure and the Great Wall tour. We will absolutely recommend to everyone we know to get to Beijing and see you for a tour of the Great Wall. We had an awesome experience! If you have any more specific questions about our trip our impressions please let me know.
Thanks again for a great trip!

  Guest name: Ellen Nigel
  Nationality: United Kingdom
  Travel Date: May 25, 2008
  Tour Itinerary: 1-day hike: Jianshanling to Simatai
 Detailed comments

Dear Lisa.
We are now back in England.
I just want to thank you for your efficiency and organisation of our Great Wall Trip. It will be a trip that will stay in our memories for many years. Chennie was a very good guide who gave us plenty of help when we needed but also gave us space when we wanted to be alone.

If we return to China again, I wil have no hesitation in using your company again.
Regards Nigel.

  Guest name: Gaby
  Nationality: Mexico
  Travel Date: May 17, 2008
  Tour Itinerary: Xi'an Warrior Tour
 Detailed comments

we really like the tour, the things we saw we really liked and they were quite flexible in the schedule according to our necesities, also the knowledge and the language were very good, we really enjoy it. The only thing I could say is that maybe it was a lillte quite espensive, if you could adjust a little bit your rates would be great.
Thanks for everything

  Guest name: Niki Aras
  Nationality: United Kingdom
  Travel Date: May 02, 2008
  Tour Itinerary: Xi'an Warrior Tour
 Detailed comments

Hi Lisa,
we had a great time in Xi'an and we think the trip was very well organised and we had a great tourguide. She and the driver really did a great job. We had plenty of time to look around and the schedule was very well set up. So no suggestions really on how you could improve cause we think it was very good.
Thank you for the great trip.

kindest regards,

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