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China Culture & Minority Tours

  Chinese culture is well-known – it dates back several thousands of years, and is often presented in prestigious magazines like National Geographic. CnAdventure invites you to discover the China behind the screen – our cultural tours take you to the “must-see” sites, such as the Terra-cotta Army, or the famous Magao Grottoes, but you will also have time to acquaint yourself with some of the more-abstract cultures, refined over time - the culture surrounding the consumption of tea, the “silk” culture, martial arts, traditional herbal medicine (TCM), ancient architecture, and of course Chinese cuisine.

Our China minority tours invite you to step backwards in time, to visit one or several of the more than 55 minorities that inhabit different corners of China, some of whose unique cultures and customs date back several thousand years. Choose to listen to the chorus and Lushen dance of the Miao or to the ancient music of the Naxi people. Have fun at the Water Splashing Festival of the Dai people. Marvel at the sights at the Shotun Festival in Tibet, the Naadam Festival of Mongolia, the March Fair of the Bai people, the Torch Festival of the Yi people, the face-painting of the Dulong people, or the unique life style of the Moso people. Shop with us at the bazaar in Kashigar, along the famous Silk Road. All of these, together with the colorful customs, the exquisite ethnic handcrafts, the elegant buildings, numerous well-loved legends, and a variety of delicious cuisines, will bestow upon you impressions which will last a lifetime.



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Lo que nuestros clientes dicen

Two of us enjoyed a truly wonderful tour of Guilin, Yangshuo and surrounding countryside.    Many thanks to CnAdventures for providing very helpful assistance and our guide, David, who was really terrific, both accommodating and informative.  The trip provided a great deal of variety as we hiked, biked and rafted through some of the most gorgeous countryside I have ever seen.  An unplanned side trip to the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terrace was a most worthwhile addition to our itinerary.  Another nice aspect to the trip was the opportunity to sample some excellent local food along the way--stuffed snails and sticky rice cooked in bamboo were a couple of highlights along with rice wine and osmanthus tea. 

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