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Beijing Entertainment

Beijing evening show

Tour Code: BJ04-01
Duration: 1days
Destination: Beijing
Good time to visit: all year
Departure date: on request 2016
Effort Nature Culture
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Beijing Evening Entertainment (Daily)
Beijing opera 19:30-20:40
Acrobatic show 19:15-20:30
Kongfu Show 19:30-20:50
Chinese folk art forms in Lao She Tea House 19:50-21:20

Acrobatic Show has a long history and is one of the most popular art forms in China. Performers have achieved worldwide fame for their wonderful skills and marvelous acts. Everyone, regardless of the young or the old, the educated or not, can easily understand it while watching or seeing the acrobats perform. There is no language barrier and borders of culture. It is true that acrobatic performers performed perfectly on the stage in only ten minutes while they must spend most of their time to practice and practice. So when you are astonished at their superb skills, do not forget to show your respect to them! Spot: Chaoyang Theater Performance Time: 19:15-20:30

Peking Opera has a history of about 200 years, now it becomes more and more popular as it is a combination of stylized acting, singing, acrobatics and colorful costumes. There are four main types in Peking Opera: Sheng, Dan, Jing and Chou. They have different characters, costumes and show their inner world by performance. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Peking Opera troupes in China made several trips abroad, such as Europe, America, and Africa etc. Today Peking Opera has won praise around the world. Spot:Opera House in Huguang Guil hall Performance Time:19:30-20:40

Lao She Teahouse(老舍茶馆lǎo shě chá guǎn)
It is a time honored branch tea house in Beijing serving genuine Chinese tea. People can also taste Beijing flavor dishes there. Furthermore, the performance in the teahouse is excellent which is charged in person. The teahouse is named after famous Chinese novelist and playwright, Lao She, and his masterpiece drama, "Teahouse". Upon arrival at the teahouse, you will be ushered to your seat with the assistance of both your tour guide and theatre staff that has your pre-reserved entrance tickets. It is a teahouse with short shows by comedians, singers, musicians, acrobats and opera performers. You can have a rich review of Beijing culture while enjoying tea with light snacks. 19:50-21:20

Kungfu Show:
A story of a young boy, brought by his mother, enters the temple of Kung Fu and trains to become a monk in the Kung Fu tradition.  The master begins the boy’s apprenticeship, giving him the name “Chun Yi”, the Pure One.  As he grows and develops, he learns the physical skills of Kung Fu. He also learns that he must withstand temptations and distractions along the way, and throughout his life, in order to maintain his discipline and Kung Fu focus. Chun Yi meets the challenges, falls for and overcomes temptation, and finally attains the honor of being named Master, becoming a wise teacher for the next generations. 19:30-20:50

Kind notice:
No necessary to wear suit & tie, casual is fine.
The timetable is for your reference, which is subject to change due to traffic jam or other reasons.
Camera could be used during the show, just please turn flash off.

Tour Cost:               Currency Converter
 Seat cost
Beijing operaCNY420/P
Acrobatic showCNY400/P
Kongfu ShowCNY400/P
Lao She Tea HouseCNY400/P
(The cost for the child of 2-12 year old is based on 15 % discount of the adult's tour cost.Any baby less than 2 year old is free of any charges. If it turns out there is cost involved, we reserved to collect the cost.)

Quick inquiryTailor - madeJoin the tourPhotos 

The cost includes:  Only the ticket for the evening show or performance.

The cost does not include:  transfer service and any other items not mentioned.


  1. The seat is according to your requirement.
  2. The ticket to Laoshe Tea House included tea and snacks.
  3. Let us know your full name. We will meet you at the main entrance of the theater and give you the tickets on the day.
  4. No necessary to wear suit & tie, casual is fine.
  5. The timetable is for your reference, which is subject to change due to traffic jam or other reasons.
  6. Camera could be used during the show, just please turn flash off.

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